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~The Basics~
Name: Hazel Maddon
Gender: Female
      Chronologically: 42
      Biologically: 28

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 87 lbs (starved)
Build/Body type: Hazel was skinny to begin with, but most of her muscle mass and body fat was used up sitting around after the artist imprisoned her. Because of this, she looks bony, and she has little to no "female endowments".
Skin: Pale, dirty, bruised. All over. Including a black eye. At least at the beginning of the time line. Thankfully, the artist did no permanent damage to her body. Her mind on the other hand…
Hair: Hazel has red hair, which is surprisingly not tangled, as the artist likes to run his hand through it, and didn't like knots. He kept it short for easy maintenance.
Eyes: Doe eyes. Yellow-green in color.
Facial Details: Delicate, pretty. Or she would be if she wasn't completely bruised.
Clothing: None. Until she aquires some. Which will probably happen pretty quickly. Unless you want to keep her naked. I don't really care.

Loves: Freedom and… well, not much else at the moment. Life, maybe. Her necklace. A good laugh.
Hates: The artist, hunger, death, imprisonment… She doesn't really care about much else.
Strengths: Physically, well that's a joke. Mentally, though, is pretty well intelligent. And wise. And creative. As a muse, she's good at inspiring others, in terms of creativity and otherwise. Also as a muse, destroying her necklace, which holds her soul, is the only way to kill her. If one destroys her body, but not her soul, her soul can attempt to inhabit another body that has the necklace on them. And mentally, she's strong enough to dominate most personalities. If she isn't, they end up coexisting, until the necklace is removed or destroyed, or the host mind gives up.
Weaknesses: Physically, she looks like she's anorexic, a side effect from not eating much at all while imprisoned. She has little to no physical defense mechanism.

~Background Details~
Family: For all practical purposes, she has none.  She was disowned before she was turned into a muse due to meth addiction.
Friends: Also none, as of yet.
Backstory: Hazel was an artist and a meth addict. She would inject the drug, until one day she attempted to overdose. She failed, and woke up in the hospital, where she was told she had AIDS. She was devastated, but one of the nurses took pity on her. Over the next couple of months, the nurse introduced her to several muses (the nurse was a muse herself), and told Hazel of the benefits of being a muse. She offered her the honor of becoming a muse. Hazel accepted. She was 28.

Now we skip about 11 years of her life where she runs around helping artists and such with inspiration. Seriously. She's kinda in a whirlwind of activity that really has nothing to do with plot.

She was chronologically 38 when she met Alec Hardings. They dated for about a year before he asked Hazel to marry him and bear his children. At which point she told him that she was immortal, couldn't bear children, and was the reason he hadn't had art block since they had met. He became very upset, and basically imprisoned her in a room in his basement, taking her necklace and locking it in a safe. To be honest, he was kind of a control freak to begin with, and he had a history of violence. He was a nice guy, just not when he snapped. The worst part is he still loves her, but he feels so completely lied to that he cannot justify letting her go. In addition to this, she is his source of inspiration, thus giving him another reason to keep him imprisoned.

And so Hazel stays locked in the room for three years serving as Alec's personal muse. That is, until Lady Ink recruits her to fix The Book. And thus our story begins.

Chosen by: Lady Ink
Gift: A construct with the symbol of a key. Yaaaay keys!

~About Muses~
Okay, to finish this up, I have to tell you about muses in Hazel's world. No it is not a band. No they are not goddesses. They are immortals.

Muses are humans who dedicate their lives to the inspiration of others, and to the gods and goddesses of their world. They are the errand boys/girls of the gods in their realm, and must complete any task assigned to them.

To become a muse, another muse must rip the wannabe's soul out of his/her body and imbue it into an object (preferably something worn). This object, once it becomes the muses soul, does not witness the normal wear and tear of most objects. Also, a muse must stay within a close distance (preferably in contact with) the object, or be subject to a compulsion to follow, or get closer or generally keep in contact with the object.

A muse, once transcended (aka, has their soul ripped out, etc.) no longer ages or sickens. They can still die of starvation or wounds.

Lastly, if a muse dies but their soul is not destroyed, they are still alive. If another being comes in contact with the soul, the muse may attempt to take over the other being's body. If the other being is of weaker mind, the muse succeeds and gains full control over the body. If the other being is of as strong or stronger mind, the muse and the other being coexist in the body, but the muse can still prevent any action that would remove the soul from contact with the host. This effect ends when the soul is removed from the host body.

Do you want to kill my character?
Go right on ahead. I don't really care if you kill her. It's an OCT for the Books's sake. Characters die all the time in OCTs. I wouldn't be entering this character in an OCT period if I would be terribly upset about her death.

So go right on ahead and kill my character if you want to.
If you need another written statement I can message the judges for you.
This is my character for :icontbos-oct:.

Hazel Maddon (c) :iconinktress: aka me.

Audition: [link]
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